Tether Tools kicks off Spring Some Swag Contest

Posted by: on Mar 02, 2014

Tether Tools kicks off Spring Some Swag Contest

Spring Swag_022114-01

Today is Day 1 of the Spring Some Swag contest which is featuring Tether Tools as well as industry partners like Wacom, thinkTank Photo, LensProToGo and many more!

As the Spring Some Swag contest announcement mentioned, over the next 29 days we will be featuring daily prize giveaways from our partners as well as Tether Tools. Make sure you check out the terms and conditions to make sure your entries are valid.


Today’s prize giveaway features the Starter Tethering Kit by Tether Tools. It features the following:

  • JerkStopper Camera Support – keeps you connected and your ports safe
  • JerkStopper Computer Support – ensures secure connection
  • USB LED ProLight – lightweight and narrow LED light that plugs directly into your laptop
  • Cable Organization Case (Standard) – helps you keep all your tethered gear organized and prevents packing damage
  • Choice of (1) 15′ TetherPro Cable USB 2.0, 3.0 or FireWire in either high-visibility orange or black

Tether Tools has assembled the perfect package for anyone interested in shooting tethered. Get the basics, add some tethering software and start shooting tethered immediately.

If you are not familiar with Tether Tools, we have created effective workflow solutions for photographers both in the studio as well as traveling on location. We help them by providing solutions to mount iPads, monitors, laptops and smartphones while also giving cable management solutions to prevent damage to all these devices which in the end minimizes stress and money spent on repairs.

You can win a Starter Tethering Kit from Tether Tools with the Spring Some Swag contest! Read the rules and regulations then head over to our Facebook page today and finish this sentence: “Tethered photography has changed how photographers do business. With the Starter Tethering Kit I will be able to ______.”