Tech Tip: Smart Shooter + Canon + Air Direct

Posted by: on May 04, 2020

Tech Tip: Smart Shooter + Canon  + Air Direct

Bio: Catherine Slye is a fine art photographer and manages all technical support for Tether Tools.

Today I wanted to show you two awesome benefits of tethering with Smart Shooter.

  1. Retaining the Image Review on the back of camera, and
  2. How to speed up the image transfer

Let’s get started!

I’m working with a Canon T6. I have it connected to the Air Direct transmitting to a PC. Once I’ve connected to the AIR_DIRECT Wi-Fi and I’m connected to the Air Direct Utility (ADU) running on my PC, I’m ready to open Smart Shooter. I turn the camera ON and the software immediately recognizes the camera. The camera model name is now listed under Active Camera. See image below.

Smart Shooter allows a Nikon to maintain its Image Review on the back of the camera as well as transferring the image to the software. Be sure to have your Image Review in the camera menu settings turned ON. This is a built-in feature of SS4, you do not need to turn on a setting within the software.

Because I’m connecting to my computer over Wi-Fi, I want to ensure my images are able to transfer as quickly as possible. With Smart Shooter, I can do this by sending a small JPG first for review purposes and saving the RAW file to the card in the camera. This will speed up my image transfer.

To do so, I need to make a few setting changes.

First, I change my Image Quality settings in the T6 to RAW + Jpg Small. At this point, I may want to also consider choosing a smaller RAW file – options available depend on your Canon – you may have a sRAW, mRAW or a cRAW, these are Canon’s reduced sized RAW files. We recommend choosing the smallest file size needed, because, smaller files means faster transfers.

Next, I set my Storage to Card. You have three options for Storage. Disk, Card and Both.  Disk is the computer, Card is the card in the camera. And Both, is the Disk and the Card. See image below.

Then I set the Card Preview to JPG. See image below.

Now, I’m ready to tether. I can see in my Preview Screen my JPG transfers first and in my Filmstrip I have a gray box that says CARD, this is my RAW file. See image below.

Be sure to check out additional infomation about Smart Shooter, including a 30-day free trial and more details on how to use your Air Direct.