Tech Tip: Atomos + Web Streaming + Case Relay

Posted by: on Oct 19, 2020

Tech Tip: Atomos + Web Streaming + Case Relay

Have you heard? We think this is pretty spectacular…

“Atomos… has just released a 4K HDMI-to-USB capture card that lets you turn your professional camera into an ultra-high quality webcam for streaming or video conferencing.”

If you’re a YouTube educator or like the rest of us that are working from home where Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet conference calls have become your new normal, you need to switch from the built in camera on your laptop and connect up your pro camera for superior video quality.

“Spec wise, the Atomos Connect can accept an input up to 4K/30p from the HDMI output of your camera and outputs up to 1080/60p video straight into any computer with a USB port—no need for additional drivers, software, or a power supply. And if you own a Atomos Shogun7, you can use the Connect to pair the recorder with your Mac or PC and switch between up to four cameras that are all recording at once.”

Read the full article here.

For your camera to be able to continuously output at that rate you’re going to need power — continuous power.

And that’s where Tether Tools and our Case Relay system fits into the picture.

The Case Relay System is three parts: Power, the Relay and the Coupler (aka dummy battery).

1. POWER – Most USB Battery packs can be used with the Case Relay. A great option is our Rock Solid Battery Pack as it has two marked ports, 1a and 2.1a. Always use the 2.1a port on the right hand side when connecting to your Case Relay. And do not plug additional devices into the battery pack at the same time as the Case Relay because this will reduce the power output to both ports. If you connect to a wall adapter make sure it has a 2.1a port. Another great option is our ONsite USB-C 87W Battery Pack.

2. Relay – The Relay allows you to hot swap out batteries because it carries a charge – this means, you’ll want to charge up the Case Relay when you get it and always charge it up prior to using. Read our article regarding Tips for Maximizing Battery Life. And, always connect it to a 2.1a port, when charging it and when using it.

3. COUPLER – We have couplers for most cameras, find the right one for your camera here.

Putting it all together is easy!

Insert the coupler into the camera battery compartment, allowing the coupler cable to exit the battery trap door allowing the battery door to close completely.  Most cameras require this for the coupler to be correctly seated and function effectively. Check out our Case Relay FAQ. Connect the coupler cable to the Relay and the Relay to your power source.