Tech Tip: Air Direct Switches and Lights

Posted by: on Aug 17, 2020

Tech Tip: Air Direct Switches and Lights
Your Air Direct has several switches and lights. If you’re new to the Air Direct, let’s cover what they are and what they tell us.
Place the Air Direct in your hand with the Tether Tools T facing away from you and the short flat end facing you. In this direction, you’ll see on the left, a power switch, a USB-C port, and two LED light indicators. First is the Wi-Fi indicator (blue light and second the Air Direct battery level indicator (green, amber and red).

Insert a fresh battery into the top slot, then turn on the Air Direct with the power switch. After about 10 seconds, the Wi-Fi network with a blue light will begin flashing. It will blink rapidly for about 5 seconds, then a slow blink for about 10 and then turn to a solid blue light. Once solid, the Air Direct Wi-Fi network is ready for connection.

Check the included Quick Start User Guide with your Air Direct and you’ll see the following color diagram describing the blue Wi-Fi status and the green, amber and red Battery level indicator.
On the opposite side is the DC Power Port, see our Tech Tip: Powering the Air Direct for more info on when it’s best to use external power. Then the Mobile – ADU switch and the Wi-Fi network switch, 2.4GHz or 5GHz.
Be sure to always set the Air Direct switch for Mobile OR ADU depending on which device you are connecting to. Mobile for all times when connecting to a tablet or a phone – any mobile device, either iOS or Android. And set it for ADU, when you plan to connect to your computer and use your own tethering software. Don’t forget to start up the ADU software when connecting.

You can continue to power your Air Direct with the DC Power Cable. When your LP-E6 battery turns amber, simply plug in the DC Power Cable in the Air Direct and connect it to an external battery pack. This way you can hot swap your LP-E6 battery, or for those long photo sessions, power off of the external battery.