‘Squinching’ with Peter Hurley featured on ABC’s GMA

Posted by: on Dec 03, 2013

‘Squinching’ with Peter Hurley featured on ABC’s GMA
Video capture courtesy of ©ABC News Videos
Image courtesy of ©Peter Hurley

On November 19, 2013, Pro Photographer Peter Hurley posted a video on YouTube called ‘It’s all about the Squinch!‘ Within only a few days it has received over 300,000 views. Because of the viral nature of the video, GMA (Good Morning America) picked up the story and featured Hurley on November 21, 2013 in a segment called “Squinching Can Make You Look Good in Every Photo“.

“The number 1 tip in my arsenal when I am trying to make people look more photogenic, for me, is ‘squinching’! – Peter Hurley

Watch ‘It’s all about the Squinch’

Video courtesy of ©Peter Hurley on YouTube

Watch ABC’s GMA ‘Squinching’ Feature 

Video courtesy of ©ABC News Video on YouTube