Spring Some Swag with Tether Tools and Jared Platt

Posted by: on Mar 18, 2014

Spring Some Swag with Tether Tools and Jared Platt

Spring Swag_022114-01

Comprehensive collection

Jared Platt is a professional photographer based in Phoenix.

The development process in post-production can be very time-consuming and laborious. But with careful deliberate organization and creation of Lightroom Presets, you can cut your post-production workflow significantly. I have carefully created The Comprehensive Preset and Action Collection to produce beautiful images with the fewest clicks possible.

Portrait of Jared PlattMany times, you will be able to finish an image with 3 quick clicks without even touching the adjustments panel. The presets are well organized to give you fast access to the things you need and they are designed to build on each other, rather than contradicting one another. With PLATT PRESETS you won’t have to fix your image after you use the preset, which costs valuable time in post production.

You can win A Complete Comprehensive Lightroom Preset Collection from Jared Platt with the Spring Some Swag contest from Tether Tools! Read the rules and regulations then head over to our Facebook page today and answer this question: “What is the most important advancement or feature you want in Lightroom 6?”