Secure Your iPad When Tethering Wirelessly

Posted by: on Sep 04, 2014

Secure Your iPad When Tethering Wirelessly
Wireless tethering opens the door to a new on-shoot experience for clients. With wireless tethering solutions like Case Air, Eye-Fi, Capture Pilot (to just name a few) the client viewing experience is forever changed. Transferring images to iPads and tablets also provides an opportunity for clients to watch the images appear on an iOS or Android device as the shoot takes place. But when these devices are being handled, what options are available for keeping that gear safe and secure? What gear can photographers invest in while minimizing the opportunity for accidents happening around an active photo shoot set.  The solution is more simple than you may think.   The Wallee and Look Lock products provide just that – safe and secure mounting options that elevate the client’s experience AND keep you gear safe.
Photo courtesy ©Brad Matthews

Wallee System: iPad Mounts

The Wallee System consists of product mounting solutions allowing photographers to secure iPads where they need them. TabStrap-01-tether-tools TabStrap: This hands-free solution combines the low-profile and lightweight carry option of a BlackRapid strap with the Connect Lite locking ‘X’ technology to secure an iPad. This whole solution contains:
  • BlackRapid Strap
  • Hitch D-Ring Connector
  • Tether Tools Wallee Connect Lite Bracket*
Add a Studio Proper Wallee iPad Case (Gen 1-4, Air & Mini available; sold separately), lock everything together and allow your client to be hands-free with no worry of dropping an iPad during a photo shoot. mck-tether-tools-master-connect-arm-clamp-ipad-case-kit-setup-01-webMaster Connect + Arm + Clamp + Case Kit: This iPad solution mounts directly to a tripod leg, light stand or any flat/round surface in just about any location. This solution contains:
  • Master Arm (Lifetime Warranty)
  • Master Clamp
  • Connect Bracket*
  • Studio Proper Wallee iPad Case (Gen 1-4, Air & Mini available)
This setup provides a secure and durable iPad mounting solution for use both in the studio as well as on location. wu-tether-tools-wallee-connect-Lite-utility-kit-01-web iPad Utility Mounting Kit: For a much more lightweight solution when every ounce counts, this iPad mounting kit offers unlimited options making it easy to mount an iPad to any round or flat surface from 0 to 4.5 inches wide. The kit includes:
  • EasyGrip (choice of Standard, Large or X-Large size)
  • Connect Lite Bracket*
  • Studio Proper Wallee iPad Case (Gen 1-4, Air & Mini available)
This compact system secures and removes in just seconds while providing a viewing experience for clients that is secure.

Look Lock: Smartphone Mount

ll307-tether-tools-look-lock-system-7in-arm-left-back-webLook Lock System: This universal system is a smart phone holder attached to an Articulating Arm (choice of 7″ or 11″), a SmartClip and a Cold Shoe Mount to secure directly to the top of a camera or even an Accessory Extension Bar. If the client is also the model, this solution is ideal. If the space where the shoot is taking place is very small or space is limited, the SmartClip can unscrew from the articulating arm, providing a 1/4″-20 receiving end. This creates options for attachments to clamps and even suction cup grips. The possibilities are endless. Click here for more iPad & Tablet mounting solutions. Click here for more Smartphone mounting solutions. Need to go bigger and mount a Monitor or TV? Click here for more information on Monitor mounting solutions.   *NOTE: Items marked are Tether Tools Lifetime Warranty products, Made in the USA.