Photo Throwdown – Rozenbaum vs. Fain – NYC

Posted by: on Nov 26, 2014

Photo Throwdown – Rozenbaum vs. Fain – NYC
Photo ThrowDown - Episode 1 NYC pitted Jen Rozenbaum against Chris Fain on the most unusual Boudoir Shoot We've Ever Seen.  Let The Challenge Begin
Photo Throwdown – Episode 1 NYC pits Jen Rozenbaum against Chris Fain on the most unusual Boudoir Shoot we’ve ever seen.   Let The Photo Throwdown Challenge Begin!


When we see cool new stuff – we love to share it with our readers!   And Photo Throwdown is like nothing you’ve seen in the photo world.   You’ve probably seen enough photo tutorials, videos and “how to” webcasts to be a good photographer… but what happens when that perfect photo shoot setting you plan for throws you a serious curve-ball?  Do you have what it takes to think fast and make the most of any photo shoot situation you may encounter? 

Photo Throwdown is an awesome new online show that puts two skilled photographers in unique photo shoot situations to see if they can handle the pressure of all the challenges that may come up.  Chock full of clients changing their minds, models changing everything, dancing around the subject-literally, having to capture professional food photography in 3 frames — and that’s just in the first few episodes.  It’s like CakeWars, but with Cameras – and without the mean kitchen bosses!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, we encourage you to watch  the first few episodes at  
You will definitely learn from these challenges and get a good laugh at the situations these shooters find themselves battling against!