Less Gear, More Options to Light Wedding and Event Venues

Posted by: on Mar 03, 2016

Less Gear, More Options to Light Wedding and Event Venues
rmslx-rapid-mount-tether-tools-slx-4Tether Tools new RapidMount product series, designed for location shoots such as events or weddings, allows photographers to discreetly mount light and action accessories in ways that were never before possible. Photographers depend on optimal lightning conditions to get the best possible shot, capturing the moment in a way that the photographer envisioned. Wedding and events are particularly difficult lighting situations, as receptions are often dimly lit and lighting is a hassle. Leave the bulky light stands at home, and mount your gear using the RapidMount product series to nearly any surface or object available at a venue without being intrusive to guests, avoiding dangerous trip hazards that can occur with lightstands.
RapidMount SLX with RapidStrips
The RapidMount SLX is a multi-surface speedlight holder that mounts off-camera flashes to a wall and other surfaces using the included specially-formulated, pressure-activated RapidMount adhesive strips. The SLX stays securely attached to the wall while the arms cradle your speedlight and drawstring keeps it in place. The RapidMount SLX adheres to and removes from walls quickly and leaves no residue upon removal with the help of the RapidMount adhesive strips.
“If you’re a speedlight photographer, the SLX is going to become one of the most important tools in your bag.” – Jared Platt, Wedding Photographer/Educator