Keep Your iPad at Your Side While You Tether

Posted by: on Jul 24, 2014

Keep Your iPad at Your Side While You Tether
Whether you are tethering with cables or wirelessly, using software like Case Air or Capture Pilot that displays your images on an iPad as you shoot,  creates a certain convenience that is undeniably, well, convenient! But the question arises,  how to mount or attach your iPad to a lightstand, tripod or even to your side? You can actually attach an iPad to your body while shooting tethered! The TabStrap creates a convenient solution for tethered photographers everywhere. Whether looking at the images yourself or a client, the TabStrap allows you to keep your iPad close while images display on its screen as you are shooting.

How Does It Work?

The TabStrap is based on the incredibly versatile Connect Lite Bracket. This bracket has two different 1/4″-20 thread receiving holes that allow you to attach the strap to the iPad using the included Hitch D-Ring.  The bracket locks into the Wallee iPad Case which is available for all iPad versions. tether-tools-tethered-photography-METRO-FLAT-DRing2 The Connect Lite Bracket snaps into the Proper Wallee Case (available in Gen 1, 2, 3/4, Mini & Air). Outfitted with the exclusive Wallee locking-X, simply place the open X on the case over the X on the bracket. Rotate 45 degrees and with a simple click the tablet is locked in place and ready to use. Rotate 90 degrees to change orientation without removing the device from the bracket.wsc3blk-tether-tools-studio-proper-wallee-case-ipad-3rd-gen-02-webtether-tools--wallee-connect-lite-ipad-tripod-mount-handle-detached   For more versatility, the 1/4″-20 thread receiving end also can be mounted to any 1/4″-20 thread on a lightstand, GorillaPod, or stud.

Other iPad Mounting Options

Click to learn more about the iPad Utility Kit.
If you’d like the option to secure the iPad to a stand or pole, simply combine an EasyGrip into the mix allowing for more versatile mounting solutions. The EasyGrip is available in three sizes (Standard, Large and X-Large) and features a 1/4″-20 thread. The 1/4″-20 thread screws into the back of the Connect Lite Bracket. And the Connect Lite bracket simply twists and locks into the Wallee iPad Case. simons-josh-tether-tools-ipad-connect-lite-bracket-airplane-02-web.jpg When utilizing just the Wallee iPad Case with the Connect Lite Bracket, screw the handle into the back of the bracket for a low-profile stand fitting perfect on any airplane tray, desk or table. Curious about other iPad Mounting Solutions? See more options here.