Joel Grimes: The Art of Creating Tour

Posted by: on Sep 11, 2014

Joel Grimes: The Art of Creating Tour

Precision Camera Seminar AD 1-Color 2

From Joel Grimes:

I have used this site to formulate many of the ideas and topics I use in my workshops.  However, the wonderful thing about a workshop setting is the ability to interact and connect with other artists.  There is no substitute for human interaction and the ability for hands on demonstrations.

One of my main objectives at a workshop is to leave those who have attended with a renewed vision and a passion for creating fresh new images that can compete in todays market place.  It is a thousand time more productive to inspire and motivate someone to create, than it is to just feed them a bunch of technical information.  

Yes, as part of the workshop, I will do multiple hands on demonstrations showing many of the lighting techniques and the post processing techniques I use.  However, all along I try to keep the technical aspect in context to a artistic perspective that emphasizes each individuals  personal vision and uniqueness.   I love to treat photographers as creative  artists, not technicians. 

One of the biggest disappointments I have experienced attending workshops is when the photographer lecturing spends 90% of the time talking about what a wonderful and brilliant photographer they are.

This is a disservice to those attending and in the end a complete waste of everyones time.  Inspiration comes from a motivated heart, not from an over inflated ego.


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