Issues with Tethered Capture Using Lightroom 3 and Nikon

Posted by: on Sep 15, 2011

Issues with Tethered Capture Using Lightroom 3 and Nikon

Recently, we received an e-mail from a newsletter subscriber asking for help troubleshooting connectivity issues with Lightroom 3 and Nikon. We came across this solution process and thought we’d share with blog readers, too, in case you’ve been experiencing the same issues.

  1. Make sure that you are using the most recent update of Lightroom.
  2. Make sure that your camera is supported.
  3. Turn the camera off and back on.
  4. Turn off the camera and computer.
  5. Try a different USB cable and USB port.
  6. Check the hard disk.
  7. Reset Lightroom’s preferences file.

This is just the general overview. You can find specific step-by-step instructions for each one of these 7 solutions on Adobe’s webpage: Troubleshoot tethered capture and Lightroom 3.

09/22/11 Follow Up:  Adobe labs is currently testing a candidate release update for Lightroom (release 3.5).  Tethered capture fixes are addressed in this update.  If you are interested in downloading and testing the release you can find more information here.