Introducing the NEW Dual Right Angle Cable

Posted by: on Jan 16, 2024

Introducing the NEW Dual Right Angle Cable

At Tether Tools, we understand the intricate relationship between photographers and your gear. A seamless tethered connection allows you to focus on capturing the perfect shot without any technical hiccups. That’s why we’re happy to bring you the new TetherPro 15′ USB-C to USB-C Dual Right Angle Cable — the photographer’s ultimate companion for efficient and secure tethering.

Secure, Angled Connection for Uninterrupted Workflow

Imagine a cable designed not just for connectivity but crafted to enhance your entire photography experience. The TetherPro Dual Right Angle Cable does just that. It’s designed to ensure a snug fit in your camera’s sensitive USB-C port, offering a secure connection that minimizes the risk of movement and accidental disconnection during shoots.

The right-angle cable tips on both sides of the cable serve a dual purpose. On the camera side, the right angle hugs the port, staying out of the way and providing a comfortable grip on the camera body. This thoughtful design allows you to focus on framing the perfect shot without any distractions.

Pair this cable with our TetherGuard LeverLock Plate for an extra layer of security, ensuring that your connection remains rock solid even in dynamic shooting environments.

Effortless Strain Relief for Your Computer Port

Tethering can sometimes put strain on your computer’s USB-C port, especially when cables dangle awkwardly. The TetherPro Dual Right Angle Cable addresses this concern by aligning along the side of your computer and staying neatly routed on the table or cart. This not only reduces strain on the port but also adds an element of organization to your workspace.

Durable Construction, Lightning-Fast Transfer

We understand that a cable is only as good as its construction. The TetherPro Dual Right Angle Cable is built with a custom-formulated, durable, and rugged material that prevents kinking, increases the cable’s lifespan, and keeps it clean through countless shoots.

With super-speed data transfer capabilities of up to 5 Gbps, this cable ensures that your images transfer quickly and reliably, maintaining the integrity of your creative process. The heavy-duty tips and connectors, along with bi-directional functionality for optimal image transfer and two-way camera control, make this cable a robust tool in your photography arsenal.

Backed by Tether Tools Assurance

We stand behind the quality of our products. The TetherPro 15′ USB-C to USB-C Dual Right Angle Cable comes with the Tether Tools 1-Year Warranty, ensuring peace of mind and a commitment to your satisfaction.