Holiday Gift Guide for Photographers

Posted by: on Nov 28, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide for Photographers

Tether Tools has assembled 6 ideal combinations of product designed for the working professional photographer, from complete kits to pairing product that is commonly purchased together. 

Starter Tethering Kit

The first product offering is the Starter Tether Kit. This kit contains all the necessary pieces of gear a working professional photographer would need to start tethering during a photo shoot. 


Professional Tether Kit

The Pro Tether Kit is an elite combination of gear including an Aero Table, cables, cable management and accessories. 

tether-tools-pro-tethering-kit-tether-table-usb-firewire-strapmoore-jerkstopper-propad-5Professional Wireless Tethering Kit

The Pro Wireless Tethering Kit is a complete package of all the mounting solutions and CamRanger wireless system. This kit simplifies the workflow process for a professional photographer who wants the solutions without a ton of guesswork.


Mount an iPad in your Photography Studio

For photographers who are currently tethering wirelessly, we have assembled another combination of products for mounting an iPad/tablet to a light stand or pole within the studio. These products include an 11” Articulating Arm, ProClamp as well as a iPad Case (Black) for Generations 3 & 4.


Hands-Free iPad Solution

For that ‘hands-free’ solution, the TabStrap with an iPad Case (Black) for Generations 3 & 4 is another great combination of product for the professional photographer on the move.


Look Lock System for Children & Pet Photographers

The Look Lock System is a great solution for professional as well as enthusiast photographers alike. This system contains the mounting gear to mount a smartphone to anything with a receiving hot shoe bracket. This system comes complete with a SmartClip for your smartphone as well as a 7” Articulating Arm.