Holiday Gift Guide for Mom & Dad

Posted by: on Nov 24, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide for Mom & Dad

Whether you are at home or in the car, any device that can give that ‘extra hand’ can be a huge help. With  just a few products on our list, you can streamline your lifestyle with no more fuss.

Lounge with Your iPad

If you have been looking for a way to relax with your iPad and not have to hold it, with a combination of a few Tether Tools products the idea of an ‘iPad Lounger’ does exist. With the Connect Lite Bracket paired with a Joby GorillaPod and iPad Case (Black), individuals have the ability to lounge around with their iPad without their hands becoming tired.


Mini-Mac Look with an iPad

Mounting your iPad can be done in many ways, however, the most sleek design is with the Studio Proper Wallee Pivot. Pair the Pivot with the iPad Case (Black) and you can have a miniature setup just like an iMac. Because of the Wallee ‘X’ mounting system, you have the ability to mount your iPad both in the vertical and horizontal position.

Photo courtesy ©Jim DiVitale

Create Your Own iPad Picture Frame or FaceTime Mount

With the iPad Wall Mount paired with an iPad Case (Black) you are able to mount your iPad to any wall. With the same Wallee ‘X’ system, you can attach the iPad almost flat against the wall, making an ideal display for pictures, recipes and more. This also works fantastic for individuals who use FaceTime because it provides a full room view.


Mount an iPad in a Car

For those long road-trips in the car, lock in the Studio Proper Wallee Headrest and iPad Case (Black) to your headrest and keep everyone in the back seat occupied. With two adjustable viewing positions, slimline design and low profile, the Headrest mount stays well out of the way when it’s not in use.


Mount a Smartphone for a GPS

Combining the Universal SmartClip and Rock Solid PowrGrip® 3, you have an immediate mount for your GPS in the car. The SmartClip offers a wide holding range of up to 3” for varying phone/device sizes. It also features non-skid pads on each interior side of the clip, protecting the smartphone or device and holding it firmly in place. The PowerGrip features a vacuum cup made by industry leader Wood’s PowrGrip and can hold up to 6 lbs.


Mount a Smartphone for Photography Distraction

This holiday season, there is no need for mom or dad to be jumping up and down behind the camera to get the babies or pets to look at the camera. The Look Lock System with 7” Arm can be your own personal photo assistant. Combining the technology of an articulating arm with the SmartClip, individuals can easily mount an iPhone above their camera to play a video, make noise and bring people’s attention directly to the lens.