Holiday Gift Guide for Filmmakers

Posted by: on Nov 29, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide for Filmmakers

With DSLR’s offering more options for video, Tether Tools has seen a tremendous growth for gear that is both video and photo applicable. This holiday season, Tether Tools has 6 recommendations for the videographer and filmmaker alike.

HDMI Cables & Adapters

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Every videographer needs a complete collection of HDMI cables for all type of devices. Tether Tools recommends a collection of the HDMI (A-A), Mini-HDMI (A-C), Micro-HDMI (A-D) and the HDMI Swivel Adapter. With this collection of cables videographers are prepared to record with any device. With the included HDMI Swivel Adapter, one can mount a TV against a wall and no longer worry about the bend in the HDMI cable. The HDMI Swivel Adapter allows for a 90-degree connection removing that tension from both the port on your TV as well as your HDMI cable. 

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iPad Teleprompter Kit

Videographers who are doing work with expensive teleprompter equipment will be interested in the iPad Teleprompter Kit that includes a 15mm Rail AdapteriPad Case (Black) for Generations 3 & 4 as well as a Connect Bracket allowing you to mount the iPad to the video rig.

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iPad Monitor Kit

Providing a mounting solution to work with an iPad as a monitor on a video rig is growing as the industry changes. The iPad Monitor Kit includes an 11” Articulating ArmProClampConnect Lite Bracket as well as an iPad Case (Black) for Generations 3 & 4.


Display Monitor & StrapMoore Wrap

When it comes to mounting a monitor in either a photo or video studio, the Studio Vu Monitor Mount and StrapMoore is a great combination of product, securing both a monitor and cables while you work. The Studio Vu Monitor Mount is a Lifetime Warranty product provided by Tether Tools. 

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Cable Management RodClamp

Keeping cables secure and organized on your video rig is extremely important. The JerkStopper RodClamp is a convenient piece of gear that removes stress and strain from the cable or cord, ensuring the plug stays in and protected from damage.

Tether Tools Rock Solid Rod Clamp
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Cable Management “A” Clamps

The JerkStopper “A” Clamps are designed to secure a variety of objects, such as tripod legs, DSLR rigs, tables and thousands of other items quickly. Designed in a non-reflective black, these JerkStopper “A” Clamps can secure cables in the most confined places.

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