Holiday Gift Guide for Creative Professionals

Posted by: on Nov 27, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide for Creative Professionals

For a creative professional, ideas will come and go in a flash. With these select Tether Tools gear options, creative professionals can now securely mount iPads, keep cables safe, pack items away in gear cases, have a laptop table and power everything with these tools.

Mount Anything with a 1/4″-20

The Rock Solid EasyGrips are perfectly designed to help mount an iPad, camera or other gear onto any round or flat surface such as poles, handlebars, tables and more. The EasyGrip is available in three different sizes including the EasyGrip ST (0” to 1.5”), EasyGrip LG (1” to 2.5”) and EasyGrip XL (0” to 4.0”). They also provide a pan, tilt and angular adjustment option. With their durable, aluminum alloy clamp body and screw, these clamps are a great addition to any creative professional’s gear.

Rock-Solid-EasyGrip-All-01-tether-toolsWe Love a Good Bag

Staying organized is the number-one goal, so Tether Tools has the complete collection of cases and bags to keep you efficient. The Standard Organization Case is perfect for cables and small cable management items. The Large Organization Case is a durable storage solution for larger brackets and additional accessories such as wireless triggers and batteries. The Storage Case is the perfect bag for any creative. Long enough to fit a standard tripod and up to two accessory arms, this heavy-duty padded case is an ideal compliment to your storage and traveling solutions.

Tethering Photography Cable BagTether Tools Tripod and Accessory Arm Travel/Storage CaseEliminate Tape with the StrapMoore & Extender

Eliminate the need to tape things down with the StrapMoore and Extender. These two straps designed with a GripperElastic® interior allow you to secure a power brick for your laptop or other various accessories to any table, tripod or light stand leg. The Extender can be used by itself or in conjunction with the StrapMoore, adding more user options.

strapmoore-extender-tether-toolsPerfect On-the-Go Traveling Table

When any creative is traveling, every ounce counts. The Aero Traveler Table fits perfectly in an International thinkTank Carry On bag. This on-the-go table option is lightweight and extremely durable. The Aero Series features the LAJO-4 ProBracket, which is a state-of-the-art design featuring mounting options for 1/4”-20 tripod head, 3/8” tripod mount, 5/8” stud and Arca-style tripods. For individuals wanting an even more travel-friendly solution, the LoPro-2 Bracket is a great compliment to the Traveler Table. At only half the size of the already existing LAJO-4 ProBracket, this creates a low profile option for packing.

Tether Tools LoPro-2 Bracket in thinkTank Bag
See how nicely the LoPro-2 & Aero Table fits into a International thinkTank bag!

Portable Charger for USB Compatible Devices

Another great portable solution for creatives is the Rock Solid External Power Bank. This Power Bank is a high capacity external 5000mAh rechargeable battery power pack with enough power to get an iPad, iPhone, iPod, CamRanger, Android or any USB compatible device up and running. It will provide up to 25 hours to an iPhone 5 and 10 hours to an iPad 4. It comes complete with many various ports for charging devices.

rs7889-tether-tools-rock-solid-external-power-bank-camranger-ipad-iphone-tablet-webMount Your iPad Anywhere

For creative professionals looking for a complete solution to mount their iPad, the iPad Utility Kit with iPad Case is a great solution. This complete package makes it easy to mount an iPad to any round or flat surface from 0” to 4.5” wide. The included Connect Lite Bracket features a locking X attachment which inserts into the included Wallee Case. A slight rotation locks the iPad into position allowing for both portrait and landscape mode. The back of the Connect Lite Bracket also includes a 1/4”-20 receiving thread to mount directly to the included EasyGrip ST.

Photo courtesy of ©Tracy Martin