Easy Photo Booth Setup For Weddings & Events

Posted by: on Jul 09, 2013

Easy Photo Booth Setup For Weddings & Events

Putting a photo booth up at an event, wedding or party always amps up the fun! Want to add this element to your events or provide a photo booth that clients can rent through your company? With a few key pieces of gear, you can quickly create a portable, easy to set-up and inexpensive photo booth. By incorporating gear you already have, the VU Booth solution makes transporting and using the booth easy. And, it’s guaranteed not to break the bank.


The Tether Tools Vu Booth is a mounting kit that enables both camera and monitor to be mounted to one stand, keeping the footprint of the VU Booth to a minimum while safe-guarding gear. With the Vu Booth options, you can mount your camera and  TV or monitor directly to any existing tripod or stand.

What’s Included:

Choice of (1):


What Monitor Mount do I choose and what accessories will I need with each?

  • The Studio Vu holds monitors up to 85 lbs and can be placed on  any 5/8″ (16mm) studio stud found on standard light stands. No angling device is needed.
  • The Local Vu holds monitors up to 35 lbs and offers versatile mounting on a tripod using the arca male receptor, 1/4″-20 or 3/8″ receptors. If mounting on a tripod, using a ballhead for angling is required. If using the 5/8″ studio stud receptor for mounting on standard light stands, an Aero Elbow is recommended.
  • The Go Vu holds monitors up to 35 lbs and offers versatile mounting on a tripod using the arca male receptor, 1/4″-20. When mounting on a tripod, a ball head is required for angling.  

Do I need a VESA Adapter for the monitor mount?

The back of most computer and TV monitors include a mounting configuration that is VESA Compliant. All Vu monitor mounts offer 75×75 and 100×100 standard VESA mounting options. If your monitor is a different variation of VESA, there are options available for 200×200, 200×400 and a universal adapter (all sold separately) to meet just about any monitor’s specifications. If you plan to mount an Apple iMac and/or a Cinema Display, a special adapter plate is required and available at Apple.com.


vub-lovu-tether-tools-local-vu-booth-photobooth-photography-monitor-mount-clamp-camera-platform-arm-02-webFinal – Things You Need:

  • Camera
  • VESA Compliant TV or Monitor
  • Tripod or Stand
  • Photo Booth Software
  • Sandbag (to secure the weight of the photo booth)

And now you’re ready to set up, shoot and share images with guests!