Christmas Morning with the RapidMount SLX and RapidMount Q20

Posted by: on Jan 12, 2016

Christmas Morning with the RapidMount SLX and RapidMount Q20
There’s nothing more grandiose on Christmas morning than seeing a beautifully decorated Christmas tree with a mountain of presents underneath. If you want to capture Christmas morning around the tree with your family in all its glory, extra lighting is often necessary.
Light Up Christmas Morning with the RapidMount SLX
You don’t have to move Grandpa’s favorite chair out of the living room to make room for light stands!  With a couple well-placed speedlights mounting to the wall using the RapidMount SLX from Tether Tools you can backlight your tree and capture every smile, old and young. The RapidMount SLX stays securely attached to the wall while the arms cradle your speedlight and drawstring keeps it in place. The RapidMount SLX adheres to and removes from walls quickly and leaves no residue upon removal with the help of the RapidMount adhesive strips.
Capture a Behind-the-Scenes Video on Christmas Morning with a GoPro
slx-4Don’t want to miss your little one’s reaction when they first gaze upon the presents left by Santa? You don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn if you have a GoPro or Action Camera and a RapidMount Q20. You can discreetly mount a GoPro using the RapidMount Q20 to a wall and slumber to your heart’s content, while capturing your children’s reaction on Christmas morning and later when opening gifts. Both the RapidMount SLX and RapidMount Q20 mount to vertical services using specially-designed RapidStrips. The RapidStrips are a one-time use industrial-formula double-sided adhesive that uses a synthetic rubber, which provides superior performance while leaving no sticky residue upon removal – similar to gaffer tape. The RapidStrips also remove easily and do not cause damage to surfaces. RapidStrips adhere to nearly any smooth or lightly textured surface such as drywall, veneer, glass, mirror, laminate, fiberglass, metal, tile, porcelain, and marble. Includes EasyPeel Tabs for quick installation.
To learn more about the RapidMount SLX and RapidMount Q20, visit their product page below.
RapidMount SLX with RapidStrips
RapidMount Q20 with RapidStrips