Canon EOS 7D Mark II USB 3.0 Tethering Cable

Posted by: on Sep 16, 2014

Canon EOS 7D Mark II USB 3.0 Tethering Cable
Photo courtesy ©Canon.

The Canon EOS 7D Mark II is a USB 3.0 DSLR camera and compatible with the TetherPro SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Male A to Micro B (IFC-150U II) which is available in high-visibility orange or black. SuperSpeed USB 3.0 is the latest technology available for the fastest and most reliable transfers. This protocol technology requires significantly more bandwidth than previous USB platforms and by manufacturing to the highest USB specifications TetherPro has insured the highest quality components and unsurpassed reliability in every cable.

TetherPro SuperSpeed USB 3.0 cables incorporate all of the latest technology ensuring consistent and reliable conductivity. The Canon 7D Mk II connects using the Micro-B port located on the side of the DSLR body. All TetherPro cables are designed to the highest USB specifications to filter out signal noise and reduce transmission errors and all cables are fully shielded to protect against external signal interference.  Available in various lengths, including 15 foot(4.6m), which is the longest distance recommended under USB guidelines for a passive cable.

You  May Need the TetherBoost™ Core Controller to Tether with USB 3.0 Cameras
Many computers have trouble tethering with USB 3.0 connections. Tethering connections rely on power from the camera and/or computer to transfer images successfully. Under USB3 specifications you should be able to go 3’ without any issues. However many computer manufacturers are not building USB3 ports to specifications in order to conserve power. These manufacturers are not currently considering the unique needs of photographers and this is causing connectivity issues. Read this helpful article to understand more: Why does my connection fail?

For tethering distances greater than 15 feet, per USB specifications, consider a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Active Extension to preserve signal integrity and minimize noise.

Also, available in a Right Angle Cable.


CU3054-tether-tools-tetherpro-usb-3-cable-orange-tethered-photographyBe sure to check out our complete line of JerkStopper cable retention devices. The JerkStopper removes stress and strain from the camera and computer plugs. This ensures the plugs stay in, and also prevents cable and/or equipment damage. 

For additional resources on camera and cable compatibility, please review our Camera Compatibility Guide.

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