8 Uses for the Rock Solid External Battery Pack

Posted by: on Sep 11, 2017

8 Uses for the Rock Solid External Battery Pack
The Rock Solid External Battery Pack with it’s high-capacity external 10,000 mAh battery packs quite a punch. With dual output ports, you’ll be able to power up or charge two devices at the same time! The Battery Pack provides up to 50 hours of power to an iPhone 6 and 20 hours to an iPad Air 2, making it a must-have in every creative’s bag. The power bank contains a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, and an internal microchip controlling the voltage according to the device needing to be charged. So no matter which port you select it will never damage the device. When the power bank becomes depleted, recharge it the same way you charge any phone or tablet. Its small size and high-power capacity makes this device ideal for supporting your equipment on long photo or video shoots and during extensive travel. Wondering what you can charge? Any USB device! Here’s 8 items you might find on set or might use while shooting out on location.
  1. Case Relay Camera Power System – The CPS lets you power your camera continually with the Rock Solid External Battery Pack providing peace of mind knowing you have an uninterrupted power source for your camera. The 10,000 mAh battery pack provides 3-10 times the power of most camera batteries, depending on the camera.
  2. Phone – Is your cell phone near dead by lunch? Charge it up with the external battery pack!

  3. iPad or Tablet – Add a tablet to your tethered workflow and keep it running with an external battery pack.
  4. TetherBoost – Photographers who shoot tethered with a USB 3.0 cable know how important it is to use a TetherBoost USB 3.0 Core Controller to boost and regulate their signal, in order to avoid dropped connections. You don’t have to power the TetherBoost for it to work, but you’ll avoid draining your laptop battery if you do.
  5. GoPro – Don’t let your GoPro’s battery die right in the middle of your next behind-the-scenes video or timelapse. Make sure it’s fully charged with the external battery pack.
  6. GPS Navigation – On our next on location shoot ensure you get to the spot you’re planning on visiting by keeping your GPS powered up. An external battery pack in your bag could come in handy if you’re ready to go home but the GPS battery is on red.
  7. Case Air – The Case Air battery life varies upon usage, but if you’re working in LiveView the entire time or if you’re on an extended shoot, your going to need more juice. Want to shoot longer or charge on the go? Plug in an external battery pack!
  8. iPod or portable speaker – Need more energy on set? Get (and keep) the tunes blasting with an iPod.
Protect your Rock Solid External Battery Pack with our Silicone Sleeve made specifically for the battery pack, available in black or orange. The silicone sleeve fits snugly around the external battery pack protecting it from dents, shocks, scratches, and dust – without adding bulk.  On one side we’ve enhanced the grip so it won’t slide off your hand or table, and on the other side is a built-in loop for easy hanging and more. Learn more about the Rock Solid External Battery Pack 10,000 mAh now at TetherTools.com!