15 Solutions solved with the EasyGrip

Posted by: on Apr 21, 2015

15 Solutions solved with the EasyGrip

The Tether Tools Rock Solid EasyGrip is one of our favorite tools; we use it all the time while we are on set, or out on location shooting.  They won’t break the bank and can be used all over the shoot to hold anything you need, that’s why we always keep one or two in our bag at all times. Here are a couple of our favorite ways to use the EasyGrip.  

  • 1. Create great time lapses without needing a tripod to hold your camera steady, you can easily capture the night time skyline, or catch those long-exposure traffic shots by mounting your camera to a pipe on top of a building or street sign.

  • 2. Quickly mount your camera phone (+ SmartClip)  to any surface to take the perfect self-portrait, time lapse, high angle group shots or videos.

  • 3. Mount your GoPro ® for any possible angle: in the car for road trips, on a tree for hunting, on a fence, or on your tripod to get BTS video footage.  (+ GoPro Mount)

  • 4. Securely hold your Pocket Wizards ® to your light stand without the use of Velcro or lanyards.

  • 5. Mount your CamRanger to your Tripod to keep it in firmly place.  (+ Mighty Mount)

  • 6. Mount your speed light for new angles without having to use a light stand. Mount them up high on a door for a great catch light, or to a door handle with gels to create a new look on set.  

  • 7. Mount your speed light to your C-stand. This could be a great addition to a Tether Tools Vu Booth for adding light to complete your photo booth solution.

  • 8. Mount your iPad or Tablet to a variety of surfaces:

    • Mounting Technology solutions to wheel chairs and other service vehicles
    • Mount to grocery cart for children’s entertainment or for checking shopping lists (iPad Utility Kit = Wallee Case + Choice of EasyGrip + Connect Lite)
    • Mount to nightstand for alarm clock
    • Use as timer for workouts, video shoots, promotions
    • Use in kitchen to get your iPad off the counter for easier reading and less worry of spills

  • 9. Use doors/door frames/door handles for mounting lights, flashes, camera, or reflectors to use the room to your advantage without creating clutter.  

  • 10. Use the EasyGrip in your car to hold your phone in place to use as a GPS or to easy manage your music selections. (+ SmartClip)

  • 11. Mount your iPad to your spin bike/elliptical/rowing machine to read or watch movies while working out.  

  • 12. Mount your camera in tree for a unique angle. Great for capturing wildlife photography, time lapse, surprise moments or BTS footage on a shoot.

  • 13. Mount a camera/smart phone/tablet for sports analysis:

    • Mount iPad to golf cart to use your iPad as a GPS unit (iPad Utility Kit = Wallee Case + Choice of EasyGrip + Connect Lite)
    • Mount iPhone to golf bag for swing analysis (+ smart phone clip)
    • Mount to basketball hoop for shot analysis

  • 14. For musicians:

    • Mount iPad to the column of a mic stand (iPad Utility Kit = Wallee Case + Choice of EasyGrip + Connect Lite)
    • Mount camera to cymbal stand for shots of drummers for music videos or live recordings
    • Mount camera to head of guitar for tutorials or music videos

  • 15. Mount cameras to counter tops, brick walls, 2×4’s, pipes and other around town items to capture group shots.