10 Pieces of Gear Every Digitech Should Have in Their Kit

Posted by: on Jun 28, 2018

10 Pieces of Gear Every Digitech Should Have in Their Kit
On set the digitech, short for digital technician, is a specialized assistant hired to handle all of the image files created during the tethered shooting session. In most circumstances they’ll bring their own kit, including but not limited to a laptop, backup hard drives, cables, accessories and more. In this article we’ll discuss 10 key pieces of gear a digitech should bring on set.

TetherPro USB Cables and Active Extensions

The choice of professional photographers and videographers everywhere, high-visibility orange TetherPro cables have become synonymous with tethered photography. TetherPro USB cables are constructed to the highest possible USB specifications and incorporate all of the latest technology ensuring consistent and reliable conductivity, and the fastest and most reliable transfers. With a wide variety of camera ports on the market it’s important to have each option available so you’re ready no matter what type of camera your photographer will be using.

TetherBoost Pro USB 3.0 Core Controller

For a photographer, technical issues including a dropped tethered connection are incredibly frustrating, especially with clients on set. Not having the ability to shoot with a wired tethered connection past 15 feet was also exasperating for photographers. These challenges are affecting some of the most popular cameras on the market, including USB 3.0 cameras from Nikon, Canon, Phase One, Mamiya Leaf, and Pentax. The TetherBoost Pro System is a streamlined solution for common USB 3.0 tether connection challenges, ensuring a consistent, reliable and fast USB 3.0 connection between DSLRs, Mirrorless or Digital Backs and a computer.


Camera data ports are fragile and expensive to repair. When shooting tethered in studio or on location, a trip or tug can cause your tether cable to become dislodged or cause serious damage to your camera’s data ports. Both cause downtime and can be easily avoided. The TetherBlock is a must-have for photographers shooting tethered both handheld or using a tripod.

Pro Tethering Kit

Crafted out of a need for photographers to have a professional workstation when shooting out in the field or in-studio, the Tether Table Aero provides a stable portable tethering platform. The Tether Table Aero mounts to any stand, tripod or arm in just a few seconds, no adapters needed. The Pro Tethering Kit was designed as the ideal setup for a professional tethered photography workflow with a goal to enhance productivity, improve efficiency, and increase safety. Kit includes Tether Table and multiple accessories to optimize your workflow.

Think Tank Pixel Sunscreen

A great pairing with the Pro Tethering Kit, the Pixel Sunscreen is the perfect solution for any digitech struggling to see their laptop screen in bright light. The sunshade eliminates reflections and glare on the laptop screen and keeps the viewing area dark.

Rock Solid VESA Studio Monitor Mount for Stands

In studio you have room to go large and more often than not, plenty of people on set who are interested in collaborating and creating the best image. The Rock Solid VESA Studio Monitor Mount for Stands holds monitors up to 80lbs (35.5kgs) and can be mounted to common C-stands and light stands utilizing the standard 5/8″(16mm) baby junior pin.  The convenient Tru Vu Techology eliminates monitor movement or sagging and the locking joint allows the VESA Studio Monitor Mount to be folded down for easy and secure transport.

Case Air Wireless Tethering System

On location you might need to run and gun and have a smaller footprint but still want to provide image preview. This is where the Case Air can really shine, allowing you to connect your photographer’s Canon or Nikon camera to a phone, tablet, or laptop. View images, remote trigger, control advanced camera settings, and more.

Gaffer Tape

No one has ever said, I have too much gaff tape. Indispensable in production because of the incredible variety of tasks it handles. Use gaff or gaffer tape to temporarily secure cables to the ground or stands, join two sheets of foam-core together to create “V” Flats, secure light fixtures in a pinch, cover models’ shoes so backgrounds stay clean, mark distances for follow focus, plus hundreds of other uses.

Rock Solid Master Clamp

The Master Clamp will hold just about anything including cameras, strobes, flashes, umbrellas, cross bars, tablet mounts, and more. The built-in locking 5/8″(16mm) Baby socket allows for dozens of attachments, and the Master Clamp also includes a 5/8″(16mm) Baby stud, with 1/4″-20 male thread for added versatility. The all-metal handle is a lift ratchet style handle that allows for easy and secure tightening in confined spaces.

Rock Solid “A” Clamp

A must-have in every kit, the Rock Solid “A” Spring Clamp pictured here is available in non-reflective black with coated handle and tip features spring-operated jaws that hold a variety of material efficiently and securely. Ideal uses include securing backdrops, bounce cards, shot lists, scripts and reflectors or just about anything where an extra set of hands is helpful. For a full extensive list of what a digitech should bring on set, we’d recommend this webinar from Drew Gurian and Michael Cardiello and this blog from George Brooks.