Catalina Compatible ADU Beta Download

The version of the Air Direct Utility (ADU) linked below has been developed to be compatible with tethering software already running on MacOS Catalina. If you are currently running MacOS High Sierra or MacOS Mojave, we do not recommend participating in the Beta at this time. See FAQs below before downloading and installing the software.

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MacOS Catalina Beta


AIR Direct Utility

See FAQs below, including details on known bugs and compatibility issues, before downloading and installing the software.
Using both MacOS and Windows devices? Download the Windows Beta ADU here.


  1. Download the software linked above.
  2. Follow the instructions to install the ADU on your computer. A firmware update will be required on your Air Direct unit. Please make sure you have a fully charged battery prior to proceeding or are using the DC input for power.
  3. Once installed, we recommend restarting your computer.

Air Direct Catalina Beta FAQs

Based on our own continued testing, and reporting from Beta users, we’re actively maintaining the list below of any known bugs and compatibility issues that are being addressed:
  1. LiveView compatibility issues on Capture One with certain Sony Models. Users of certain Sony cameras have noted compatibility issues when attempting to use LiveView in Capture One. We’re actively working to correct this issue. If, as a Beta user, LiveView is critical to your current workflow, we suggest using the free Sony Imaging Edge software or sign up for a free trial of Smart Shooter 4.

Smart Shooter 4 was built with a different development method in how it communicates to the macOS Kernel, essentially the core components of the operating system infrastructure. In the case of Air Direct, the way Smart Shooter 4 communicates with the operating system was not impacted by the platform changes implemented by Apple.  

No action is necessary. We are aware of the messages and they are related to remaining development that will be needed before releasing the fully updated ADU. Those messages will only appear initially and will not impact your ability to participate in the Beta. We wanted to release the Beta to the market for those customers who want to be tethering wirelessly with Air Direct now.

Duration of the Beta will be dictated by development timelines. We don’t have an exact date currently but will continue to communicate to participants about progress or changes related to the Beta.  

Follow these steps to revert your ADU to the previous version:  

  • Uninstall the Air Direct Utility Beta.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Install the ADU and follow the steps to update the Air Direct device’s firmware.

For this situation, please download and install a Beta WIN ADU version linked here.

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