Your iPad & Tablet: Perfect for Tethering & Point of Sale

Posted by: on Aug 08, 2013

Your iPad & Tablet: Perfect for Tethering & Point of Sale

Imagine – you have the opportunity to complete a sale with your client or customer. Give them their total cost and check them out. Transaction complete! All with one tool – the iPad or Tablet.

Your iPad or Tablet can be the perfect POS (point of sale) piece. Whether you are using it to show a client their images or selling something, the iPad or Tablet becomes the perfect tool. Pair your iPad or Tablet with a POS solution (such as Square, LightSpeed or PayPal) and sales are as easy as 1-2-3!


And let’s not forget presentation of your iPad or Tablet when having your client near. The Studio Proper Wallee Pivot and Studio Proper Wallee Case together make the perfect checkout station.

wstrpkt-tether-tools-connect-lite-black-rapid-strap-d-ring-kit-wallee-system-front-in-use-hi-edDon’t want to mount the iPad up and you’d rather people hold them? The Studio Proper Wallee Handstrap is a great solution.

Point of Sale Solutions

Card Reader by Square

Photo courtesy of Square

You can accept credit cards with Square. Simply signup and they will mail you a free card reader and will work with smartphone, Android, iPad and iPhone. With the quick and easy setup, the free Square Register app will link up and allow you to accept payments on your smartphone, Android, iPad and iPhone immediately. Customers have the choice to immediately have a receipt emailed to them at the end of each transaction.

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Card Swipe by LightSpeed

Photo courtesy of LightSpeed

LightSpeed for iPad allows retailers to showcase their products with Show & Tell and process transactions anywhere. This system allows you to sell anything, anywhere by entering customer information, gift cards, perform inventory lookups and much more! Payments are easy by accepting on-screen signatures and email them directly to the customer.

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Card Reader by PayPal

Screenshot courtesy of PayPal Here™

PayPal Here™ offers many great features that can help you do business. They offer a free app and card reader for credit card payments as well as flexible multi-user settings. This app also allows you to accept checks* and PayPal payments, plus email invoices. It comes with a debit card 1% cash back on eligible purchases and you are able to access the funds within minutes.

*PayPal Here check acceptance is for US only

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