Workshop: Capturing Beauty with Courtney Dailey

Posted by: on Mar 28, 2014

Workshop: Capturing Beauty with Courtney Dailey

courtney-dailey-logoThe Business of Beauty Workshop presents a one of a kind educational and networking event open to photographers, mentored by international beauty photographer Courtney Dailey. This unique workshop will illustrate how to best light hair and makeup from not only a photographic point of view, but also from the clients perspective. Courtney’s students will get a unique experience shooting with 3 different lighting scenarios, often used in beauty shoots. Courtney will discuss working as a team and executing a beauty or fashion shoot, covering everything from inspiration and story planning to model casting and editing the finished story. After questions are answered the class will get a unique opportunity to shoot the exact content Courtney produces, with hands on guidance. Courtney will demonstrate a live full beauty shoot in studio (three models three very different set up’s) so you can get a first hand look into the entire process, can ask questions throughout, shoot for your own portfolio and see it from first look to retouched image. Max 10 students.

This class is great for any photographer who works with WOMEN!

Networking, Blogging, Business how-to’s, Copyright, Releases, Contracts Pre-Production/ Shooting: Lighting, Posing, Post Production

B_registerPrice: $395

$195 deposit non-refundable deposit required, $200 Cash/credit the day of the workshop