Wireless Tethering with Canon Transmitters

Posted by: on Oct 17, 2013

Wireless Tethering with Canon Transmitters

Canon designed a few different WFT wireless tethering transmitters to enhance photographers’ tethering ability, improve mobility and on-the-go photography.

Photo courtesy ©Canon

Current Wireless Transmitters Available for Camera Types:


The Canon solutions have multiple benefits for professional photographers who are looking for a lightweight and rugged wireless transmitter:

  • Provide a faster & wireless-only LAN connection
  • Slim screw-on design attachments to camera for seamless integration
  • Remote Live View with both wired & wireless media servers
  • Ability to link directly into an FTP file server
  • Enhanced linked multi-camera shooting – 10 cameras max linked simultaneously (varies on transmitters) 
  • Media server (DLNA) supported
  • Bluetooth-compatible GPS devices can be connected wirelessly (varies on transmitters)

Now linking into an FTP can really change how you, the pro photographer, do business.

Imagine you are at a sporting event and shooting images as they happen.  The images you shoot can immediately be sent wirelessly to an FTP folder allowing individuals, with granted access to the folder, anywhere in the world instant use of those images for play-by-play updates, social media announcements and more.

Or imagine you are working for a client across the country and you want them to see the images as they are being shot. The client can now easily collaborate in real-time instead of having to wait for a session break and for images to be uploaded and emailed for review.

Other Specifications

FTP Setup: Because the wireless tethering system through Canon requires an FTP, you will need to make sure you set this up. You can either have an IT department or friend help you with this or read up on it yourself.

Transmission Range: The transmission range has its limits. For linked shooting, you must stay within 328 ft (100m) (varies with each transmitter). For a wireless LAN, you will get up to 492.1 ft (150m) (varies with each transmitter). Keep in mind that the distance is (with no obstructions between the transmitting and receiving antennas and no radio interference) when a large, high-performance antenna is installed at a wireless LAN access point. With Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR, you can get up to 32.8ft (10m) in distance.

Power Source: Your Wireless Transmitter will be powered by camera battery instead of an independent power source. Keep in mind if you are shooting, once the battery drops below 19%, captured images cannot be transferred.

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