Wireless Tethering in the Digital Age

Posted by: on Apr 27, 2020

Wireless Tethering in the Digital Age

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Given the technological advancements of the last several years, there has never been a more exciting time to be a photographer. With the focus of product development shifting from Digital SLR to Mirrorless cameras taking hold, the speed of the transition is groundbreaking.

Mirrorless cameras offer several advantages over larger DSLR cameras. However, one constant remains affecting the shooting experience no matter what platform you use: being able to know that the captured shot was perfect. Both Mirrorless and DSLR cameras provide insufficient LCD screen, pixel resolution and color gamut to enable thorough review of an image to ensure proper focus, color, and composition.

Technological advancements have made it as simple as ever to quickly view an image by moving its file to a laptop, tablet or phone with a cable or wirelessly. This process is called tethering, an essential workflow element for image review both for yourself when shooting and when collaborating with clients, stylists and the subjects.

As photographers, we are accustomed to enclosed, tight sets and individuals trying to view shots through the small camera LCD to see what was captured. This unfortunately causes a distraction and interrupts the photographer’s workflow. By utilizing tethered capture, photographers can instantly share images with others on the set or around the world by viewing the image on a larger device such as a laptop, computer monitor or television.

It is critical to have the right tools to successfully make tethering a part of your workflow infrastructure. Many photographers start only by connecting their camera with TetherPro Cables, but in the same way that camera technology has evolved, so has tethered capture. The introduction of the Air Direct Wireless Tethering System now gives the freedom of movement to photographers while still enabling them to connect their camera to a computer or mobile device for both image review and camera control. 

Once you’ve made that connection from your camera to your computer, it helps to think of how your workspace and viewing station will be accessed. Tether Tools ONsite power management and computer/tablet mounting solutions help create the perfect shooting and viewing environment in the studio or on-location anywhere in the world.

Photos Matter because an image only comes to life through the dedication, vision, and feeling that a photographer evokes in their work. Tether Tools is committed to helping photographers achieve the best images possible for themselves and their clients by making the creative process as trouble-free and smooth as possible.

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