What’s in my bag with Peter Hurley

Posted by: on Nov 28, 2022

What’s in my bag with Peter Hurley

Peter Hurley is one of the world’s top headshot photographers and founder of the renowned Headshot Crew. He shares his signature lighting techniques at live events and through his online community. We asked Peter to share his favorite pieces of gear he always has in his bag.

Tether Tools Pro Cable & Tetherguard

The Tether Tools TetherPro Cable has made a huge impact in Peter Hurley’s photography workflow. Being able to tether into a computer or monitor allows photographers to adjust their shot to make it perfection.

“Tethering is my number one tool in photography because it allows me to coach my subjects to help change their expressions to capture the best shot possible,” says Hurley.

While tethering its important to keep your connection to your camera and your computer safe and secure. That is where the Tether Tools TetherGuard tethering support kit comes in handy.

“I love my TetherGuard! Not only does it keep my shots flowing seamlessly into my computer, but I like the ability to release it quickly and that it helps protect the usb-c port on my camera from wear and tear,” says Hurley.

FEISOL CT-3401 Classic Rapid Carbon Fiber Tripod

If you know Peter you know that one of his favorite pieces of gear is his Fiesol tripod. The tripod can hold nearly 40 pounds, and extend to 50″ high. This allows for a sturdy mount for your camera and flexibility when needing to adjust the height during a photoshoot.

Arca-Swiss Monoball p0 Ball Head with Classic Quick Release

The Arca Swiss Monoball p0 with Classic Quick Release is an unconventional ball head built with portability, simple functionality and performance in mind.

Hurley Pro Gear

With a fully-dimmable combined maximum output of 19,800 lux at 1 meter, the Peter Hurley Cine Flex Kit from Westcott can illuminate your subject in the darkest of studios or in the brightest sunlight. This output renders near-perfect colors with a CRI of 95 for minimal post-production.

You can learn more about Peter’s gear and headshot education here.