What Is a D-Tap Battery?

Posted by: on Oct 17, 2018

What Is a D-Tap Battery?
At photokina, Tether Tools revealed ONsite Power an ultra-portable, long-lasting, and versatile power solution anchored by the ONsite D-Tap to AC Power Supply. A first of its kind product, the ONsite D-Tap to AC Power Supply pairs with any standard D-Tap battery to provide four fast-charging USB ports and two AC outlets to charge devices such as laptops, camera batteries, LED monitors and lights, tablets, phones and more – wherever power is needed. Harnessing the Power of D-Tap Batteries More common in video production than the photography world, lithium-ion batteries with a D-Tap power port also commonly referred to as a V-Mount or Gold Mount battery, have been around for years, readily available for purchase or rent.
  • D-Tap Batteries are rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • The term D-Tap refers to female power port found on the battery
  • V-Mount or Gold Mount refers to the way the battery mounts to a camera, light, etc.
  • Common in video production and available at video rental houses
What’s the difference between V-Mount and Gold Mount Batteries? The ONsite D-Tap Battery with V-Mount dock, as the name suggests, with a V-Mount system (see image below). Gold Mount is a mounting method used by Anton Bauer that refers to Gold Posts that dock with a camera or light. Both batteries use a female D-Tap plug to access the power. Our ONsite Aero V-Mount is power compatible with both V-Mount and Gold Mount batteries as they both have D-Tap plugs but the ONsite Aero V-Mount will only seamlessly mount with V-Mount batteries. What type of battery is Tether Tools offering as part of ONsite Power? Our ONsite D-Tap Battery features a V-Mount for easy integration with the ONsite Aero V-Mount and Tether Table Aero. The ONsite D-Tap Battery with V-Mount is a high capacity, reliable and portable power source that features premium LG lithium-ion battery cells. Can I rent D-Tap batteries? Photography and video rental houses in your area may rent D-Tap batteries. To find a photography store near you, click the Store Locator tab on the top of the homepage of TetherTools.com. Can I carry my ONsite D-Tap Battery with V-Mount with me on a plane? Yes, at 150 watt-hours, you can take up to two ONsite D-Tap Battery with V-Mount with you on a plane, in carry-on baggage, and with airline approval. Cannot be in checked-in luggage. Tip: Transport your ONsite D-Tap Battery in its original packaging, this will not only cover the terminals but provided details on watt-hours for the airlines or TSA. The entire family of ONsite Power products, including the ONsite D-Tap Battery with V-Mount will be available in early November. Join the waitlist now to have the first opportunity to purchase these products by visiting the product page of each ONsite product you intend to purchase and selecting the Join Waitlist button.