5 Ways to Use the Tether Tools Look Lock

Posted by: on Jun 25, 2014

The Look Lock System is a universal smartphone holder that works with an articulating arm to mount small devices above your camera lens or body. Like all of Tether Tools’ highly versatile products, the Look Lock can be used in a number of ways. Here are some of the more creative and useful ideas we’ve seen:

5 Ways to Use the Tether Tools Look Lock

Creating a Teleprompter
When integrated with apps like ProPrompter and Teleprompt+, the Look Lock can turn your Apple iPhone into a highly portable teleprompter.


Getting The Best Shots
Look Lock was originally created to catch the attention of photography’s toughest subjects – children and pets. Keep their eyes focused by playing their favorite videos and apps on your mounted smartphone.

Capturing Video & Stills at the Same Time
Just flip your smartphone over to record video while you’re shooting still images. This is a great tool for creating fun behind-the-scenes sneak peeks or videos that you can sell as an added value to clients.

5 Ways to Use the Tether Tools Look Lock

Mounting a GoPro
You can even use the Look Lock’s articulating arm to mount a GoPro camera! You’ll need the GoPro Adapter, too. All you have to do is remove the Look Lock’s smart clip and screw on the adapter. That easy.

Attaching Your Phone to a Boom or Monopod
Add in the JerkStopper Mini ProClamp and you can attach your smartphone to a boom or monopod. Using your phone as a monitor for, you’re then able to see what your camera sees mounted high on the boom. Or, you can use your lightweight, mounted phone as the camera, even wirelessly sending images to another person’s device with the free CamRanger viewer app.