Tradeshow: PMA Australia Convention & Digital Show

Posted by: on Jul 11, 2013

Tradeshow: PMA Australia Convention & Digital Show

PMA2013Convention_Aus_900x209PMA’s Australian Division was founded in 1978 as the Australian Photographic Dealers Association which was incorporated as a Division of the Photo Marketing Association International in 1978.

Since that time its membership has grown from around 50 specialty photo retailers, digital imaging retailers and minilabs to over 550 members. These include associated fields including Professional Photo Labs, Professional School Photographers, Camera Technicians, Photo Imaging Educators, Professional Picture Framers, Professional Wedding & Event Videographers, Professional Sports Photographers as well as wholesalers and distributors.

Details of these organizations and their membership addresses are available in the PMA membership Directory, which is an interactive desktop tool for connecting with members throughout the world.