High-Speed Sync & Composition with Gavin Hoey

Posted by: on Feb 07, 2023

High-Speed Sync & Composition with Gavin Hoey

Photographer, Gavin Hoey, recently discussed his top tethering tips with Adorama TV to start 2023. Gavin showcases his workstation set up for tethering, the lighting that he uses, and the software he currently tethers into.

Gavin explains USB tethering offers a lot more than simply seeing your images on a bigger screen. In the video, Gavin first uses his TetherPro Cable to reference his images to set his lighting to what he would like for the photoshoot.

“Tethering really comes in handy, because I get a really big view of this, I get a feel of how the picture actually looks large on a screen, and that is just better than the small view on the back of the camera and gives you a more real feel for your final photo,” says Gavin.

Gavin goes on to discuss how tethering can help your subject understand what needs to change in their stance or pose while being captured, making getting the perfect shot that much easier.