The Hawaiian Photo Bus: Shooting Tethered in Style

Posted by: on Aug 18, 2015

The Hawaiian Photo Bus: Shooting Tethered in Style


Setting up a photo booth at a wedding or event isn’t new, but setting up a photo booth inside a lovingly restored pair of Volkwagen Buses most certaintly is. The folks at The Hawaiian Photo Bus have a personal passion for VWs and a love of photography and capturing special moments and brought everything full circle with their unique business. We had the opportunity to ask them a few questions regarding their unique business!

HuaWhat’s your setup?

An untradtional photo booth. With the assistance of Liz from Tether Tools we were able to figure out all the essential pieces to make it happen. The Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm + Clamp Kit along with the Go Vu Monitor Mount and Camera Platform was all we needed. Making adjustment is easy when we arrive at locations the ease of breakdown was exactly what we were searching for with our bus design. 

What does your workflow look like?

Maintenance on a VW bus is constant. We are always preparing for the “what if” scenario.  As a husband/wife run business that would be the husband’s passion and I would basically run ….well… everything else.  We are fortunate enough to be booked well in advance  for events and so preparation starts months before. From contracts to print designs and venue confirmation. We prepare to “wow” and make sure all the details are covered to ensure a smooth event.  Testing our equipment starts the week of the event. Cameras printers and lighting are tested multiple times before we leave and once again when we arrive at the venue. Buses are stocked the night before with supplies and back up equipment as well as props.  We always prepare for weather and never have we arrived at a location where we are not surrounded by visitors with a million  questions about the bus. So we arrive early and prepared for some delays. Most setup times are 30-45 minutes.

image5Why Volkswagen Vans for your photo booth?

We are in Hawaii. Seriously nothing is more iconic to Hawaii then surf, sunsets and VW buses beachside. We theme our buses for our location and the fun that comes out our presence takes every event to the next level. We are never forgotten and guests speak of our concept and the fun memories days after.

What’s the most memorable session you’ve had? 

Photo busing is always fun. My most memorable booking was last year at the Grand Hyatt Kaua’i. It was a corporate function with people from all over the world there to celebrate a great year with their top employees. To see the our business being one element that could connect everyone no matter where their origins was amazing to me. Some barely spoke a word but were overjoyed when the photos were taken and instantly printed out the back of the bus.

What is the biggest benefit of shooting these sessions tethered?

The ease of driving up on to a remote location and setting up within minutes is priceless. These Vintage VW buses are still our Sunday drives and being able to set up and breakdown so we can still enjoy them is essential.

Any advice for someone considering setting up a photo booth for weddings and events?

Be prepared. Actually be over prepared. It’s not a critical part to an event but you were selected to bring the fun and make the memories.  Invest in your business and don’t cut corners.  Quality equipment will produce quality bookings.