Tether Tools Pro Erich Saide Reviews the Air Direct

Posted by: on May 28, 2020

Tether Tools Pro Erich Saide Reviews the Air Direct

Tether Tools Pro Erich Saide had the opportunity to try out the newest in wireless tethering technology, the Air Direct Wireless Tethering System. We took the time to learn about his current workflow and how incorporating the new Air Direct has improved the different photoshoots he currently books.

Erich uses a Nikon D850 as his primary camera with a D810 as a backup. In addition, he uses a Phase One camera on occasion. For his primary tethering software, Erich uses Capture One when shooting with a TetherPro Cable. With the Air Direct, Erich has been using Smart Shooter on his MacBook Pro, and into Tether Tools’ Air Direct onto an iPad Pro. 

Photo Credit: Erich Saide

We asked Erich how the Air Direct has enhanced his workflow.

“Using the Air Direct It has allowed me to have the freedom to move around without having to think about a cable restricting movement. With the current global situation, the Air Direct has allowed me the freedom to photograph my subjects for my Humans Of Support initiative and practice social distancing where I usually would have moved close to my subject to show the image on the back of my camera I can now have my iPad to share,” Eric had to share.

With so many features that the Air Direct offers, Erich mentioned his favorite part of using the Air Direct.

“The obvious being wireless and having the freedom of movement.”

A long time user of the Air Direct’s predecessor, the Case Air Wireless Tethering System, Erich enjoys that the Air Direct has a much faster transfer speed and a longer lasting battery.

“It’s here and pretty sweet looking.”

Photo Credit: Erich Saide

Erich uses the Air Direct for outdoor fitness and lifestyle shoots where he needs the freedom to move around while still having the client proof or approve the images on an iPad. Portrait shoots were also something he mentioned that he benefits from using the Air Direct.

What makes the Air Direct such an ideal tool for photography shoots? The Air Direct wirelessly transfers RAW and JPG images to your software as if you were shooting with a cable. You can connect supported Fujifilm, Sony, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, and other DSLR, Mirrorless and Medium Format cameras direct to a computer running compatible tethering software. Air Direct’s USB-C protocol and 802.11AC dual band Wi-Fi delivers fast, reliable image transfer and enables all camera control features native to the tethering software – such as live view, loupe, barcoding, bracketing, focus-stacking and countless other features native to tethering software.

In addition, Erich had to mention how easy the set-up process was.

Photo Credit: Erich Saide

“It was relatively easy, of course, like anything the first time it takes a little bit. Tether Tools has excellent instructional videos, which made it seamless.

Now that is has been connected to my iPad Pro, I can turn the Air Direct off to save battery if needed, and when I turn it back on, it will automatically choose the Air Direct network and connect without any extra steps.”

The question, in our opinion, that was most important we wanted to ask Erich was his decision tin choosing the Air Direct as a complement to his current tethering workflow.

“I chose the Air Direct so I could have a wireless option giving me the freedom of movement when shooting—allowing me to use my iPad Pro more effectively on location as a larger viewing platform when the laptop was inconvenient to set up.

An unseen and fortunately (unfortunately caused by COVID-19-19) use will be to comply with health and safety of others with physical distancing measures in place to shoot into a mobile device that can be closer to the subject for viewing/approval, while still being able to view the images myself on back of the camera.”

For detailed information on the Air Direct Wireless Tethering System, read more about it here.