Tether Tools Pro Clay Cook In-Studio Setup with Monitor

Posted by: on Apr 18, 2017

Tether Tools Pro Clay Cook In-Studio Setup with Monitor
Every photograph begins with an idea. The job of a photographer is to not only capture the vision, but manipulate it into art, bigger than life and beyond any initial expectations. – Clay Cook
Tether Tools Pro Clay Cook has learned the importance of going the extra mile, in both his craft and for the client. As a result, his wisdom, field experience and work ethic has pushed him into an inspiring career in fashion, advertising, and editorial photography. Clay says that shooting tethered is a necessary part of his workflow and many clients demand a live preview of the imagery. “And, the last thing I want is a group staring at a 3-inch LCD screen on the back of my camera,” he adds. “More often, I tether to a MacBook Pro through Capture One. Capture One allows for auto color adjustments which is closer to the end product directly out of camera. Adding that extra contrast or pop of color as soon as you snap the shutter is an absolute winning feature that will gain some big reactions.” Clay recently moved into a studio space in downtown Louisville, and put together the ultimate tethered workstation that will be sure to turn heads. The setup features a ViewSonic VP2468 monitor mounted to a rolling studio stand with the Tether Tools Rock Solid VESA Studio Monitor Mount for Stands.
With the help of my friends at Tether Tools, we have created the ultimate tethering workstation, so that each image I capture is a solid representation of the final product; a stunning way to see the all hard work come to life, live. – Clay Cook
The monitor is connected to a laptop on a Tether Table Aero, secured to the stand using a Rock Solid Side Arm Kit which includes a Rock Solid Side Arm and a Rock Solid Master Clamp, both all from Tether Tools. That gear holds his laptop, which is tethered using TetherPro USB cables and secured safely with JerkStoppers, and the table has several Tether Table Aero accessories such as the ProPad, Aero XDC, SecureStrap, Aero Cup Holder, and Aero Hooks.
Full Gear List:
  In this below step-by-step video excerpt from the RGG EDU Intro to Shooting Tethered Photography tutorial (available for FREE by clicking here), Clay Cook builds his ultimate tethered workstation.