Tether Table Aero iMac Instructions

Posted by: on Aug 14, 2017

Tether Table Aero iMac Instructions

Instructions for Assembly

1. Remove preinstalled iMac Stability Bar by unscrewing knobs on the bottom of the table. 2. Insert black thumbscrew into the side of the LAJO-4 ProBracket. The thumbscrew can be positioned to any of the 4 sides under the table; choose your preference. 3. Align the top holes of the bracket with the bottom holes on the Tether Table. With your fingers, begin threading the 4 supplied screws. Once screws are lightly threaded into bracket, use supplied Allen Wrench to securely tighten. Reinstall iMac Stability Bar.

How to Use the Tether Table Aero iMac

1. Attach the Tether Table to any 1/4″-20 thread, 3/8” tripod thread, Arca-style attachment, or 5/8” Baby Junior pin. 2. If using 5/8” Baby Junior pin, tighten thumbscrew knob onto 5/8” pin to create stable platform. 3. DO NOT over tighten table or knob.


1. To clean your Tether Table Aero iMac use a damp towel or soft cloth. DO NOT use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners. 2. DO NOT allow children to climb or play on stand or unit. Failure to comply could result in personal injury. 3. Only use product for its intended purpose. Failure to do so could cause injury and will void warranty. 4. The Tether Table Aero is rated to hold equipment up to 30lbs (13.5kg). However, always refer to maximum load limits on stands and tripods. Those weight limitations ALWAYS take precedence. Exceeding this load limit could cause unit sagging, instability, product collapse and/or serious injury. 5. When not using an iMac, the SecureGrip Stability Bar is easily removed from the table to allow the platform to be used as a laptop computer stand or workstation for holding lenses, batteries, notes or any type of gear needed within arm’s reach. 6. Store compactly and easily with included durable case. For help with assembly, identifying parts, product information or to order accessories, please contact us: Telephone: 888-854-6565 Email: customersupport@tethertools.com