Start the New Year Off Right With the Learn Section on

Posted by: on Jan 02, 2018

Start the New Year Off Right With the Learn Section on
New year, new you! Education is no longer preparation for adult life, but instead as a continuous process of growth and development.  Tether Tools site features a learning section custom designed for photographers, videographers, and creatives to get dialed in on everything tethered shooting from software to workflow. Here’s a quick look at what’s featured in the Learn section of

Articles & Setups

In the Articles & Setup section of the site, you’ll learn new techniques like how to Create a Mobile Studio on Wheels,  the steps in creating a Simple Overhead Shot Setup for food and product photography, or How to Mirror Your Computer Screen to a Monitor when on set. We’ll talk gear, how and why to use it, and offer up solutions that will improve the efficiency and safety of your workflow.


Five in-depth guides available, all available for FREE! The three How I Got the Shot Guides showcase work and an educational behind-the-scenes from a total of 37 uber-talented photographers. Our Better When You Tether Guide features behind the scenes articles from the world’s top professional photographers talking about how and why to shoot tethered, and the Ultimate Tether Guide will help you create better images and work more efficiently shooting tethered. Complete a short form then download for FREE at    

Tether Talk

Tether Talk is the go-to online resource for the tethered photography industry. From our Tethering 101 Guide to Tethering Tips category, and Photographer Spotlight interviews to our Seven-Email Learning Series on Tethered Photography, the Tether Talk blog offers knowledgeable and objective insight into the latest gear and software, while also connecting readers to the top industry professionals for advice on everything from photography workflow to marketing and sales tips.

Tethering Basics

Everything you need to get started all in one convenient place. To start shooting tethered, all you need is a camera, cable, and computer, it’s simple as that. Like any process, the more into it you get, the more involved it can become, but setting up a basic tethered photography system is easy to do.  


There are many options available – everything from free software that may already be included with your camera, to super-charged programs incorporating all your post-production needs into one package, to very unique and specific features for a particular shooting requirement. In our Software section, we present options for your specific camera that are worth exploring.

Suggested Solutions by Photographic Styles 

No matter your photography style, Tether Tools has the gear you need to help connect, collaborate, and create. Our redesigned features sections dedicated to various photography styles and the gear needed to take your work to the next level.