Smart Shooter Updates: Sony Cameras Compatibility and More

Posted by: on Feb 20, 2021

Smart Shooter Updates: Sony Cameras Compatibility and More

Smart Shooter recently released an update that provides improvements to the user experience, expanded camera support, and pertinent fixes for features such as Live View and External API requests. Compatibility with Sony cameras, specifically the Sony a7C and a7S III, are now fully supported within the Smart Shooter software. In keeping up with the newest releases of DSLR and Mirrorless cameras, Tether Tools wishes to fully integrate support and compatibility as new cameras come into market. In addition, Sony users can now enhance their tethering experience in Lightroom through this direct integration within Smart Shooter. The included Smart Shooter plug-in for Lightroom provides users with efficiency, enhanced workflow quality, and delivering a more unified tethered experience.  

Other updates in the new release include: 

  • Support for LiveView focus with Sony Alpha cameras 
  • Support for controlling power zoom on some Sony Alpha cameras
  • Fixes LiveView on Sony a7C and similar models
  • Full support for Canon CR3 file format
  • Fixes issue with dropped replies for External API requests 

As improvements and updates are made within Smart Shooter, Tether Tools is dedicated to providing the best tethered capture software on the market. As additional updates become available regarding Smart Shooter, Tether Tools will be sure to keep our tethered photographers informed. 

To learn more about Smart Shooter, visit here. A free 30-day trial is available.