Setting Up The Ideal Home Office Using Tether Tools Gear

Posted by: on Apr 03, 2020

Setting Up The Ideal Home Office Using Tether Tools Gear

The current pandemic has completely shifted everyone’s familiar way of life. Our schools are closed. Our gyms and fitness facilities are closed. And, while our heroes today – healthcare workers, truck drivers and grocers – continue life in their familiar surroundings, most of us are finding ourselves readjusting our lives to fulfill our ‘stay at home’ mandate.

In the normal setting of a photography studio or locations, Tether Tools products offer up a number of solutions that make creating photography more streamlined and pleasant. While the need to social distance has postponed a lot of photographers’ work, those same Tether Tools solutions can still bring a lot of convenience, ergonomics and organization to our new work from home, school from home, and work out from home lives.

For the next few weeks, we’ll offer up some tips on how you can be using Tether Tools gear to bring a little bit more light to your at-home life. For starters, let’s get you a better at-home office!

Designed for convenient technology mounting to keeping computers, monitors tablets/iPads and phones well positioned, Tether Tools gear can help you create convenient and efficient work spaces all throughout your home.  Whether you’re working from your kitchen, desk, living room or stationary bike, check out these work from anywhere solutions to help you work, learn or stay entertained wherever, whenever.

Home Office Second Monitor ideas

#1 . Mount Dual Monitors on your desk or C-Stand with Tether Tools’ Rock Solid VESA Dual Monitor Mount.

**Requires the Rock Solid VESA Studio Monitor Mount for Stands to attach to stands.

#2. Move your Monitor from a desk to a Rolling C-Stand easily with the Rock Solid VESA Studio Monitor Mount for Stands and Rock Solid VESA Monitor Quick Release System.

#3. Position your iPad as a second monitor on the portable X Lock Pivot Stand, which complements an iMAC Base, Proper Pivot Stand and Proper iPad Case.

Work Outside

Want to work outside? Use the Aero Sunshade and enjoy the fresh air while still being able to see your screen, even in the bright sunlight.

Work While Exercising

Mount your iPad on your exercise bike with the Rock Solid EasyGrip.

Stay Powered Up While You Work

Keep your laptop and tablet powered up all day with the ONsite USB-C 87W 26,800 mAh PD Battery Pack.

Next week, we’ll get to work with tips on how to get your kids geared up for a much more streamlined home schooling experience.