Seminar: Perfect Venue Lighting with Moshe Zusman

Posted by: on May 06, 2013

Join Moshe Zusman for an energizing and illuminating venue lighting class. Whether you need to brush up on your techniques, or learn new ones, we’ll be able to help you demystify the dreaded dark wedding reception. Are you properly lighting your subjects but your backgrounds are dark? Is your flash washing out the ambient light and eliminating the beautiful colors of the room? We have the tools to teach you how to approach any situation where natural light just isn’t available. Enjoy a hands on master class that gives you the opportunity to shoot the difference for yourself. 

Never settle for bright white faces and backgrounds without detail ever again. We’ll cover the equipment and setup needed to achieve consistent lighting; types of radio triggers and their use, Q flashes, how to balance color temperature of ambient versus artificial light, application and use of gels and much, much more. Learn to deliver gorgeous true colors, and capture your clients wedding exactly as they remember it. The class will be a combination of discussion and hands on experience, so bring your camera, flashes and enthusiasm to discover how to get the shots you want – every time!

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