Rock Solid Tripod Roller Instructions

Posted by: on May 03, 2016

Rock Solid Tripod Roller Instructions

Rock Solid Tripod Roller Assembly

1. Extended leg bases on Tripod Roller. 2. Loosen tightening knobs to accommodate width of tripod feet, place on top roller. 3. Adjust Tripod Roller as necessary to accommodate the footprint of tripod. 4. Tighten knobs to secure each tripod leg. 5. Unlock or lock metal casters as needed to move/lock down Tripod Roller.


1. To clean your Rock Solid Tripod Roller, use a damp towel or soft cloth. DO NOT use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners. 2. Only use product for its intended purpose. Failure to do so could cause injury and will void warranty. For help with assembly, identifying parts, product information or to order accessories, please contact us: Telephone: 888-854-6565 Email: