Rock Solid Products for Photography, Film & Music

Posted by: on Sep 28, 2012

Rock Solid Products for Photography, Film & Music

Tether Tools’ new Rock Solid equipment is a premier line of arms, brackets and clamps for photography, film, audio and music that can be used to mount an Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tablet to other equipment. These new versatile and secure accessories integrate seamlessly with the Tether Tools Connect and Connect Lite bracket.


Rock Solid Mini-ProClamp ($29.95):  Designed to mount to an array of round surfaces including light stand & tripod columns and video rails & cages, this versatile tool holds just about anything. Use it to mount accessories like radio triggers, flashes and cameras. Combine with the Connect Lite and mount an Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab or use the SmartClip to secure an iPhone or SmartPhone.


Rock Solid Articulating Arm with Center Lock ($58.95): This articulating arm holds devices like iPads, tablets, phones, and light fixtures in place. Available in 7- and 11-inch versions, it’s easy to adjust and maneuver.


Rock Solid Vacuum PowrGrip 3 & 4.5 w/ Ballhead ($58.95 each): Built to be the most reliable, secure and versatile vacuum mounting system on the market, the vacuum attaches and releases in seconds to things like windows, mirrors, cars, RVs, boats, and countertops. The 4.5 version is designed for mounting iPads, tablets and DSLRs, while the 3.0 SmartPhone Mounting Kit offers a phone mounting solution with exceptional angling options.

We’ve also created complete kits for photographers, videographers and musicians:

Rock Solid Pro Drum Kit for iPad & Galaxy ($240.85): The drum kit includes one Tether Tools Wallee Connect bracket, one Hollywood Superflex Arm with three elbows for unlimited angling options, and one Rock Solid ProClamp.

Rock Solid Pro Mic Kit for iPad & Galaxy ($86.89): With this kit, you’ll receive one Tether Tools Wallee Connect Lite bracket, one EasyGrip ST with included articulating ball-head assembly, and one Rock Solid Microphone Stand Adapter.

To see the complete line of Tether Tools’ Rock Solid Arms, Clamps and Mounts, click here.