Reassembling Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm

Posted by: on Aug 15, 2017

Reassembling the Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm

The Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm fully disassembled. Each piece is in the correct order that they should go back together in. 1. Add the spring to the arm with the bolt. 2. Add the second arm next with the “teeth” side contacting the “teeth” side of the first arm. 3. Add the silver cylinder to the bolt. 4. Add one of the silver washers to the bolt with the flat side down (towards the arms) and the groove side up. 5. Add the brass colored washer with the bumps. The bumps should ride in the groove of the silver washer added in step 4. 6. Add the last silver washer with the groove side down so it rides on the bumps from the brass washer. The smooth side will be up towards the end of the bolt. 7. Screw the knob onto the bolt. Tightening the knob will push the washers and silver cylinder into the housing of the second arm. Tighten as needed. For help with assembly, identifying parts, product information or to order accessories, please contact us: Telephone: 888-854-6565 Email: