Powering LED Lights, Atomos Video Monitors, Sony Cameras, and More with a USB Battery Pack

Posted by: on Jun 20, 2018

Powering LED Lights, Atomos Video Monitors, Sony Cameras, and More with a USB Battery Pack
The NP-F battery, commonly referred to as the Sony L-Series battery, is one of the most versatile battery systems in the photography and video market. From LED lights and Sony cameras to Atomos and other video monitors and recorders, hundreds of devices are powered by the popular battery. Hot-Swappable Battery for your NP-F Devices The Case Relay and Relay Coupler for NP-F Batteries is a perfect pairing for powering most devices that use a NP-F 7.4-8V battery (Sony L Series) with any USB 5V external battery pack. This setup allows creatives to be able to work considerably longer than with a standard NP-F battery. The Case Relay Power System works by inserting the NP-F relay coupler directly into the device’s battery port, then connecting it directly to Case Relay. Case Relay is powered by its own secondary, internal 1200 mAh battery, making it possible to easily hot swap the external battery and not lose power to your gear. Case Relay and the device in use can now be powered by any 5V USB External Battery pack. As an example, the Sony NP-F970 L-Series battery pack has 6300 mAh, so a photographer/filmmaker can nearly double their power source by using the Case Relay for NP-F Batteries along with a Rock Solid External Battery Pack (10,000 mAh) – and if more power is needed, the Case Relay is hot swappable, allowing you to use another battery pack for extended power. When access to AC wall power is convenient, simply plug the Case Relay cable into an AC Wall Adapter (sold separately) for an infinite power source. (USB Active Extensions can be used for added distance). Here’s What You’ll Need: Suggested Uses:
  • Case Relay is ideal for video production as you can swap the USB External Battery Bank, without having to stop shooting to change camera batteries
  • Use to power L-Series LED Lights (up to 15W)
  • Power Atomos and other Video monitors and compatible video cameras
  • Power any other NP-F L-Series or Sony L-Series compatible devices