Possibilities with Portable Flash: On Location with Joe McNally

Posted by: on Oct 29, 2018

Possibilities with Portable Flash: On Location with Joe McNally
Join world-renowned professional photographer Joe McNally who will be teaching this hands-on workshop focusing on solutions with Nikon Speedlights and lighting accessories. This is a not-to-miss unique opportunity as McNally will take you on an entertaining and educational journey of discovering the power of small flash photography. He will use and explain the new radio TTL technology for SB-5000 Speedlights, as well as use traditional line of sight methods of triggering flash, and show how these two approaches can work together seamlessly.


A fast-paced day of location portraiture with Speedlights! The emphasis will be on moving fast and crafting beautiful light on the fly, on the street, with professional models. Joe will begin this exclusive workshop with a brief presentation of his work, and will quickly shift to live demonstration. He will be build a whole range of lighting solutions, from simple to more complex, using the models, and talking his way through each setup. McNally and the Nikon School team will provide multiple shooting areas, both indoors and outdoors. Participants will get a chance to work with professional models in various scenarios which will give a valuable, unique, real-time learning experience. The big threes of light – Quality, Color and Direction – will be discussed while McNally rotates throughout the sets and works with participants. Throughout the day, McNally will offer an ongoing Q&A and offer tips, solutions, stories, and ways to remain motivated and inspired as a photographer.

Learn more now at www.nikonschool.co.uk.