Portable Tables for Every Classroom

Posted by: on Feb 06, 2014

Portable Tables for Every Classroom

I need a portable projector table I can use in and out of classrooms.

I don’t like using the wood podiums in the classroom.

I want to have a portable table for my laptop that I can take to each class.

I need to find a solution for a portable classroom table that is versatile.

The above are common situations many instructors and educators find themselves in and the Tether Table Aero is a great solution.

The Portable Projector Table

How many times have you ended up in a classroom where there isn’t a table for the projector? Or there is a table, but it’s not the right height for the projector screen?


The Aero Master Table is a perfect solution providing a stable surface for a projector. Made completely of TD6 Aerospace aluminum, the stunning brushed silver or non-reflective black textured platform is a sleek design that offers both stability and durability. The LAJO-4 ProBracket can mount directly to any Arca-style tripod, c-stand or light stand.

Because the table is made of a metal, we also provide heat absorbing pads that allow for heat to be dispersed away from the table. The non-slip Aero ProPad is an easy-to-use cushioned pad that fits perfectly to the Aero Master Table.

If you need the table to tilt, just make sure you have a tripod with the ability to do so. If you prefer to use a c-stand for more stability because of its straight stud, the Rock Solid Aero Elbow will still provide the tilt you need.

The Portable Podium 

Are you an educator or presenter on the move? With a simple combination of a collapsible tripod, an Arca-style head and Aero Traveler Table, you have a portable podium that can go anywhere. The Aero Traveler fits in a standard airline carry-on piece of luggage.


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