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Posted by: on Aug 21, 2017

Photography Partner Spotlight: installation in Paris. Three cameras on a Rock Solid Cross Bar, cameras powered by the Case Relay Camera Power System.

I would describe the style of photography for Panora.Me as…

At, we developed a panoramic selfie solutions for events and tourist attractions. Our solution gives users the opportunity to trigger a photo device placed up to 250 meters from them!

The final result is a panoramic selfie: a short video that zooms out from the original location to end on a beautiful panorama.

This gives attractions the chance to show off their entire area, rather than just the background of a selfie -potentially generating social recommendation and increasing brand recognition on social media.

We’re currently operating from Belgium but we traveled a lot over the last 12 months so we’re now looking to develop a network of partners all over the world.

What’s your most memorable shot or shoot, be it challenging to capture or interesting subject?

We were asked by Gradient – an experiential agency in New York – to set up a panoramic selfie activation for Air France in Union Square, NYC. People were invited to climb to the top of a staircase to take their panoramic selfie. Our super-zoom camera device was installed more than 300 meters away form the staircase, on the 22nd floor of a building. To achieve such a distance, we needed a super-telephoto lens and a good mounting solution because at such a distance, the subjects could easily be off-camera!

Illustration :

What installations are you most proud of?

The Air France #ParisforDessert street-activation in NYC was truly amazing. But we’re also really proud of our last city marketing campaign for The Hague in the Netherlands. The panorama on the Scheveningen Pier was really amazing.

Illustration :

Can you describe your setups?

We can operate for temporary installations (on events) or long-term installations (seasonal or permanent) in cities, museums, theme parks, stadiums, etc.

For long-term installations, we have developed a specific camera housing system.

But when working on temporary installations, we use a set-up built around some very cool Tether Tools products. We use 2 or 3 cameras depending on the distance between our super-zoom photo device and the selfie station. We use a Rock Solid Tripod Cross Bar to position the cameras. And of course, all the USB cables are from Tether Tools because it’s very important for us to ensure that the connection between our central PC and the cameras work seamlessly.

A tethered setup in the foreground, NYC skyline in the background

What’s your favorite piece of Tether Tools gear and how does it help you achieve your workflow?

The Rock Solid Tripod Cross Bar is definitely our favourite product. It’s strongly built and its design is very smart. We use it in combination with a heavy-duty Manfroto tripod to ensure good stability.

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