Photographer Spotlight: Stefan Jönsson

Posted by: on Dec 21, 2015

Photographer Spotlight: Stefan Jönsson
stefStefan Jönsson is a professional photographer and Tether Tools Pro Ambassador based in Sweden, specializing in commercial and editorial photography. His work can be found at I would describe my style of photography as…  I would describe my style as very artificial, I love the feeling that something is almost to perfect, every part that you want highlighted perfect. When the lights just shape an object and give it form.  Building images from different exposures just to make it almost too good.  How did you get started with tethered photography?  My first assignment as a professional photographer was that I got hired to shoot a web catalog, and in their studio they shot tethered, so I saw how good and how my life as a product photographer just got so easy, not only because I could see the images on a large monitor, I could name time files after clients wishes, catalog and backup, all at the same time. So after a day of shooting, backups were done, naming was done and archiving was done.  After that I started exploring more tethered options, and haven’t shot into a memory card for a few years now. My dream gig would be…   My dream gig would be to shoot a worldwide add for a major watch brand like IWC, Omega or Rolex. My favorite piece of gear is…      My favorite piece of gear is JerkStopper. My JerkStopper has saved my cameras a large number of times. Before I started to use the JerkStopper I broke a few professional cameras by stepping on the cord, tripping etc. And now I have broken a few JerkStopper, but saved my Phase One a bunch of times.
JerkStopper Camera Support
The best advice I can offer a fellow photographer would be… The best advice I can offer a fellow photographer would be to just keep shooting and prepare to work really hard, it may sound cliché but it’s true. There is no overnight success. What was your reaction to hearing the news that you were selected as the next Tether Tools Pro Ambassador? When I heard that I was selected to be the next Tether Tools Pro Ambassador I got really excited, I have been using Tether Tools products for a long time, I remember the first time I was buying Tether Tools products, I requested it in my local camera store here in Stockholm Sweden, and it took 6 weeks to get the Aero for iMac, a lot has happened since then and now Tether Tools are easy to buy at all camera stores.
Tether Table Aero iMac
Since I’m using more Tether Tools products every day, cables, JerkStopper, clamps, monitor mounts, Aero tables etc. I know that it’s really good quality, and I can stand behind the products 100%.