Photographer Spotlight: Sanae Matsuzaki

Posted by: on Dec 29, 2014

Photographer Spotlight: Sanae Matsuzaki

matsuzaki-sanae-② Sensitive mind DSC_0784My first camera was… the Canon EOS Kiss (film camera) and the Nikon D70 (digital camera).

I got my start in Macro Photography when… I started shooting landscape photography. I found myself overtime starting to focus more on flowers and gradually the distance between the subject became shorter.

matsuzaki-sanae-③ Dear Friend ~ Letter from Me DSC_1783I knew I wanted to be a photographer when… I wanted to express myself through my work. Touching the hearts of others has set my life’s work into motion and I believe them all to be linked. Photographing flowers so closely gives me absolute joy.

My favorite project so far is… one I did that featured the beautiful wrinkles of an the elderly in March 2010. It was featured in a national newspaper and also was featured in May 2014 in an installation at an art gallery called “Ancient, Eternity”. I love the work because it shows stunning three-dimensional images on a single plane.

matsuzaki-sanae-① Into Halves DSC8941I would describe my style of photography as… shooting with expression in the open air with natural light (if on location) or studio lighting (if in the studio). I sometimes enjoy photographing a flower as it dies to show the not so beautiful moments that every flower has.

My industry role models are… Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ken Domon, Shoji Ueda and Miyako Ishiuchi. Each are absolutely mesmerizing in my eyes.

My dream gig would be… putting together a full serious of macro hand photographs paired with a small collection of poems to represent the beauty of each person.

matsuzaki-sanae-④ Someone to watch over me DSC_4122c
My favorite piece of gear is…
my Tamron and Sigma DP2 (with it’s beautiful Foveon sensor) lenses for macro photography as well as my telephoto macro Sigma lens. The Nikon D700 is my current camera.

If someone told me they wanted to get into Macro Photography, I would tell them… find a beauty in something that is familiar. This beauty is not limited to just photography but every art form. Create artwork that makes you feel excited while cultivating emotions and building your skills.

About Sanae

I began taking photos in 1998. I started as a freelance photographer and am a designer now. I am an artist who expresses emotions through artwork – I believe ‘words’ and ‘photographs’ have the same spirit. I shoot macro photography because of it’s unique perspective. My work has been featured on a novel cover, wallpaper for mobile use.
I have taken regardless of genre macro photo portrait, etc., in a unique perspective with an influence typically of Japanese culture.

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